reginae    Reginae Butler

Hey everyone! It’s Reginae Butler here and I attend Central High School as a SENIOR and I   plan to attend college to major in Mass Communications with a focus in Fashion and Entertainment. I am a libra, I’m an adrenaline lover, and a BB for life. I chose YAPR because I saw the ill effects that the recent horrific events with youth and police have taken on my generation and I wanted to be apart of a lasting change to help the problem. At least be a person to get this movement off the ground.

  img_4315 Taylor Crawford

School: White Station High
Graduation Year: 2018
Fun Fact: I’ve been to 4 countries (France, Spain, Germany, USA)
Why: I chose YAPR because I am a youth and a minority. I hate the rift between police and minority youth right now and I would like close it. Youth should not have to fear the police and vice versa.

img_4340   Jireh Jenkins

Hello, My name is Jireh Jenkins. I attend Freedom Prep High as a Junior. I am associated with many outreach programs and also huge on motivational speaking. “Success is not about what you do, but the greatness you inspire others to do.” Have the power within yourself to realize that there is an abhorrent feeling towards the minority. I am a YAPR because I found my true identity in helping solve and come up with a solution to solve this problem. It will take time but I am here because I realized that there is youth and police inequity in our world today. As some may or may not know the United States of America has one of the smallest percentage of the population but has the highest incarceration rates. It’s my duty to break the chain that keeps minorities from coming together and standing up for what we believe in which is Equity.

img_4314-1   Antonio Bean

I attend Power Center Academy High School and I am a graduating senior! I aspire to be the best in everything that I do! I have plans of going to College after graduation. I chose YAPR because I wanted to show people that youth and police can have positive interactions.



img_4312   Jessica Davis

What’s up! I am a Senior at Middle College High School. I was recently accepted into Philander Smith College! I love people, I love getting to know people, and I’m just a people person. I didn’t choose the YAPR life, the YAPR life chose me.


img_4322    Charles Seaton

Hi! My name is Charles and as an African American male; the recent injustices that have been displayed in the media moved me to join a cause that would assist me in making a change in my community. I enjoy basketball and everything music! Kanye West,Chance the Rapper, J. Cole, and Kendrick Lamar—Top Rap Artist


coming-soon GareAna Rosebud